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Recreational Gymnastics


Unleash your potential!

What is recreational gymnastics?


Recreational gymnastics provides opportunities for individuals and/or groups to get involved, learn skills, have fun and participate in events that are all about having a go. We offer a range of recreational gymnastics classes starting from 12 months old all the way to adult. These non-competitive classes are professionally developed and run by qualified coaches in a safe, fun, and inclusive environment.


Why is it beneficial?

Gymnastics helps to develop balance, coordination, flexibility and strength, which provides a foundation for all age groups to build basic to advanced skills in different body movements. Does your child practice cartwheels and handstands at school? Or tumble on the back lawn and hang from the clothes line? These sorts of activities are based on the foundations of gymnastics and are probably already a part of everyday life. With support and training, you and your child can continue to build on skills and explore the full range of gymnastics.

When are the sessions?

Our Recreational sessions coincide with the school terms. We usually start back in the first full week that school starts. You can see our term dates using the button below.

Want to get in touch?

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