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Home School Gymnastics

Encouraging active, confident children!

What is Home School Gymnastics?


Home School Gymnastics is for children between the ages of 4 and 14 years old who are enrolled in a home schooling program. Classes provide an environment for children to develop physical and cognitive skills in a fun and safe environment. Our sessions are structured to teach the fundamental skills for gymnastics – balance, coordination, flexibility and confidence.


Why is it beneficial?


Packed with activities to develop gross and fine motor skills, rhythm, success, and challenges, our Home School classes are designed to develop physical literacy in the whole child — socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Watch your child grow in confidence and skill as they explore an environment that is safe, stimulating, and fun. Our sessions focus on the fundamental movement patterns that will help children to progress into more advanced skills and activities.

When are the sessions?

All of our Home School sessions run along with the school terms and are held at Swan Districts Gymnastics. We usually start back in the first full week that school starts.

Important Information

Arriving to class

Please arrive to class 5 minutes before your session starts. Bags, shoes and drink bottles can be placed in the pigeon holes at the start of each session. At the end of your session, please collect your belongings and leave promptly to enable a smooth transition between session times.

What to wear

Please ensure you wear comfortable fitted clothing that is easy to stretch and train in (e.g. bike pants or shorts, good fitting top). For safety reasons, all jewellery needs to be removed, and long hair is to be tied back. Shoes need to be removed before you enter the gym - bare feet is best!


What to bring

Please bring along a water bottle. Our gym facilities include toilets, change rooms and a water station.

Registration and Insurance Fee

As an affiliated club with Gymnastics Australia, the Registration and Insurance Fee applies to Gymnastics Australia, Gymnastics Western Australia and Swan Districts Gymnastics. This annual fee will cover you from when you first pay the fee until December 31  and must be paid by the third lesson.

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